If you want to make summer 2011 your best one yet, then there’s only one thing you need to do this season: give your hair a trendy and ultra-modern makeover!

2011 summer hair trends are quickly heating up – and if you want to steal the show, then take a look at these fabulous runway-inspired hairstyles.  We guarantee that if you sport any of these, you’ll be given envious and admiring looks everywhere you go:

Bech WavesBeach Grunge: 2011 summer hair trends are all about keeping things soft and modern, with a beachy flair.  Last season was super polished and extreme, so it’s no wonder runway stylists are bouncing back with relaxed and super-sexy beach waves.  To achieve this look, simply use a sea-salt spray on wet hair and scrunch as you blow dry, or let it dry naturally.  You’ll look like you just strolled off the beach.

Classic Blow-OutClassy Blow-Out: You can thank the future Queen of England for this summer 2011 hair trend.  Ever since Kate Middleton landed on the cover of tabloids and magazines, hairstylists have been coveting her gorgeous and sleek blowout.  To achieve the same jaw-dropping look, book a blow-out with your hairstylist and ask for loads of shine.  With this blow-out, don’t be surprised if you land a princely proposal!

70's Glam70s Glam: The seventies are back in a major way this summer – and hair is about to get massive.  From Farah Fawcett-style waves to Miami-inspired curls, your hairstylist can help you look like you’re about to hit up Studio 54.  To recreate the look at home, toss aside large curlers in favorite of smaller ones; lightly brush out your curls and set them with hairspray to get the glamorous 70s look everyone’s talking about.

Colorful PunkColorful Punk: There’s no denying that Nicki Minaj has taken the hip-hop world by storm – and her colorful wigs have done just that in the beauty industry!  While you don’t need to don a pink wig to look like Miss Minaj, ask your hairstylist to add streaks of temporary color to your hair, or just clip some extensions on yourself.  Pink strands look great with dark hair, so don’t be afraid to go bright.

From the runway to your hair salon, these hairstyle trends are set to heat up your 2011 summer!

Salon Bella Dama in an upscale hair salon in Atlanta that specializes in a variety of healthy hair designs, both long and short styles alike. Browse through our website for more information on our hair services, or for questions or comments please contact us.

When it comes to getting your hair styled, you don’t want to put your hair in the hands of just anyone.  You want to ensure that you know exactly why you need to get your hair cut, how much of your hair you should get cut off, and what you should do if you want to color your hair.

Not to worry: these most common hair salon questions will provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

How Often Should I Get My Hair Cut?

If you’re attempting to save money, you might be tempted to get your hair cut once every few months.  However, if you want to enjoy beautiful and healthy tresses, you’ll need to put more time and care into your hair.  Hair stylists recommend that you cut your hair at least once every six weeks.  As hair grows a ½ inch or more during this time, your hair style can lose its shape.  Additionally, cutting your hair this frequently keeps split ends at bay.

Help, My Hair is Thinning!

If your hair is thinning, hair experts recommend massaging your scalp while shampooing.  This stimulates blood flow, which will help your hair grow faster.  Many salons also offer special treatments that can help you hair grow back.

How Should I Choose a New Stylist?

When it comes to choosing a new hair stylist, talk to someone who has a hair style that you admire.  Whether it’s that girl in accounting or a good friend of yours, ask them who their hair stylist is.  Once you have a name, look them up online to see more of their customer reviews.  If you hear more positive reviews, then you’ve officially found your new hair stylist.

Salon Bella Dama in an upscale hair salon in Atlanta that specializes in a variety of healthy hair designs, both long and short styles alike. Browse through our website for more information on our hair services, or for questions or comments please contact us.

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